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What is the Build Back Better Act?

The build Back Better Act is an initiative put in place by
President Biden to combat social-economic changes and level out our current
insane inflationary period. The ideology behind the act is that over time we
will see sustained economic growth by providing productivity resources such as
better roads, be, and better infrastructure to provide more Americans the
availability to travel to and from work. This key part of President Joe Biden’s
economic agenda equals a spending plan of $1.9 trillion.
In November, the House of Representatives passed the Build Back
Better Act and its large spending plan and has been sent to the Senate (where
it is more than likely to see changes). Currently, the legislation provides
universal pre-k, paid leaves for new moms, and enhanced child tax credit. As
well as very generous subsidies to the Affordable Care Act, which provides more
health insurance coverage for Americans.
As per Biden’s campaign, he wishes to serve the
backbone of America: The working class. With the rise in inflation, too many
families struggle to afford to be able to raise their children and too many
older Americans and Americans with a disability cannot access affordable home
care. The Build Back Better Bill seeks to make a transformation in American for
the children and the caregiving industry.