6 Year Company Anniversary brought to you by Redline Steel®

Redline Steel Celebrates its 6th Birthday!

Looking Back at Our Journey and How We Started

In case you aren't familiar of our history and journey I wanted to share with you our humble beginnings for Redline Steel.

I remember back in December of 2015, driving out to a small town called Gurley, Alabama and placing an order for our 1st CNC Plasma table.

It took 6 weeks for them to have one ready for us, which at that time I didn't even have our building yet... so the pressure was on! 

January 6, 2016 - Redline Steel was officially founded and started in a 5,000 Square Feet building off of Dan Tibbs Road in Huntsville, AL.

I truthfully didn't have a clue what I was getting into, but I saw a big market opportunity. 

Dynatorch, the CNC Plasma Manufacture (who has since went out of business), delivered our machine, and embarrassingly enough, I didn't realize that it needed a screw compressor to run.

At that point it started to hit me that I really had no clue what I was doing, but that didn't scare me.

In fact, it did the opposite and it challenged me to start learning and figuring it out quickly. 

It took from January to June of 2016 to finally start grasping how the equipment worked, at which point, I started developing some SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) in preparation for launching our website - RedlineSteel.com

Fast forward to today, and we are celebrating our 6th Birthday with a lot to reflect on through the past. 

A ton of highs, and a lot of beyond ground level lows.

I'm honored to build an amazing community across the nation and use Redline as a catalyst for our humanitarian and philanthropy givebacks initiatives. 

You can read more about some of our "People Over Profit" giveback campaigns, where we've donated over $5M to Charities, Non-Profits, Medical Staff, First Responders, and Essential Workers over the last two-plus years. 

Reflecting on the past and looking ahead on the future, I can say with certainty that God has opened and closed doors intentionally.

I'm thankful for the setbacks because they have truly been set-ups for our future.

I'm thankful for our Elite and VIP Members that are actively supporting us by sharing our content, and purchasing our items online. 

I'm thankful for my wife, Breanna who has been extremely supportive with the long work hours, missed vacations, and no off days for months on end, and I'm extremely grateful for the incredible staff members here at Redline.

Y'all see me as the face of the brand, but Redline wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the hard-working employees that strive towards manufacturing and fulfilling beautiful wall art decor every single day. 

Thank you all truly for supporting Redline, an All American Family Veteran Owned Christian Company that wants to make a positive impact 

Cheers to many more years,

Colin Wayne signature logo png black

CEO/Founder - RedlineSteel.com


Love this company and that you love God.

Linda C. Johnson

I love reading about a man with a dream made it happen and how little set backs made you more determined to grow this company. And behind every good man is a good women. That’s for sharing Colin with the USA.

Judy Paschen

Congratulations on your 6 year anniversary. No small accomplishment, especially during these past couple of years with the pandemic and all the complications that have come with it. You’re in our prayers for even more success in the next 6 years!

Randy & Betty Markoff

Thank for decorating my home with your Redline Steel pieces! I also enjoyed putting my touches on them with paint and paper!!😁👍❤

Shelley Vaden

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