2022 updates for Redline Steel regarding steel decor items, $2 Tuesday, plus new product categories

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Product Availability - 2022 Initiative


Effective January 31, 2022

Apart of our 2022 initiatives at Redline Steel®️ is simplifying our product line offering with a New Internal Outlook of "Less is More" 

2 Dollar |  2 Days by Redline Steel - $2 Tuesday Update 2022

Change 1 

- Effective February 1, 2022 our popular $2 Tuesday will transition to "2 Dollar | 2-Days' pronounced two's-days. Our $2 Tuesday Release items will only be available for 2 days - EVER.  To receive a text message for our $2 Tuesday Release if you haven't already signed up - Click Here


Change 2

- Effective Monday  (January 31, 2022)  Over 80% of our intricate (Non-Custom) steel designs will be taken off of our website to simplify our product line offering with products that have consistent sales performance. 

The Items that will remain on our website are the following:

Family Relationships Category

Tree of Life
Infinity Sign
Heart of Love
Fancy Love Heart
Family Tree
Family Heart
Infinity Heart
Moon and Back

Animal Category

Dog Love
Horse Love
Majestic Horse
Hummingbird Love
Single Dragonfly
Cat Love
Dog Mom
Dog Dad
Little Crab
Baby Turtle

Faith Decor Category

Dove Cross
Cursive Faith
God is Good
Conviction Cross
Almighty Cross
Crown of Thorns
Away in a Manger
Rugged Cross
Angel Wings
Heart Cross

Kitchen Category


Fine Wine
Wine Love
Coffee Cup

Kids Category


Little Fairy
Mystical Moon
Little Rabbit
Baby Cupid

General Decor Category

Cursive Hope
Cursive Love
Nurse Life
Heart Home
Cursive Home
Sunflower Home
Spring Lily
Soldier Memorial
Teacher Apple
Rose Heart
Native Dreamcatcher




Christmas / Winter (Seasonal) -- Will only be available starting November 1st - January 31 

Candy Cane
Christmas Truck


Change 3 -

Redline Steel - Tree Stake Collection has been updated from 10 total items to Only 7.  Pricing has increased within this collection due to the cost of steel increasing on the CRU Index by over 400%+  

Note - our Tree Stake Collection uses thick 12G Mild Cold Rolled Tempered Pass Steel


Change 4 - 

NEW Products that we are looking to bring in this year will include: 

  • Welcome Mats - (Custom and Non-Custom Options) 
  • Coasters - (Custom and Non-Custom Options) 
  • Wood Decor - (Pre cut designs with full color custom and non-custom options)
  • + More (TBA) 


I’m excited! Especially for the potential wood options and things like door mats!

Anne Dollahite-Hesch

I am so looking forward for the new items !

Ida ONeal

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the new products

Deb Brunson

I think you are making a mistake discontuing so many of your intricate designs, such as your Santa Clause, birds, “Howdy Y’all” jar, etc. That is what has made you such a big hit. There is just a limited amount of “Custom” stuff we will want. I love especially the porch sign, the barn sign, and the kitchen sign which appear not to be on your keep list.🙄😥 Just don’t throw away your designs because I think you may eventually come bace to them. I am truly sad😥 because I love the designs you now have.😍 I am all for your expanding, would like for you to keep a little more of your present designs. Thanks so must for giving me the opportunity to let you know how I feel about my new friend since last year.
Barbara Ellis
Richmond, VA

Barbara Ellis

Love all of the products, no matter what.

Linda Johnson

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