Colin Wayne (Right) and Megan Fox (left) are working together for the second year in the row (The Kelly Clarkson Show/NBC)

Megan Fox and Army Veteran Colin Wayne Team Up on the Kelly Clarkson Show

Memorial Day was fast approaching and while companies across LA and the rest of the United States were prepping for their "Memorial Day Sales" campaigns, superstar actress Megan Fox and retired Army Veteran-turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur Colin Wayne, chose a separate approach to honor the special holiday. 

Kelly starts the show by saying "Each year we take Memorial Day to honor those who have given their lives serving in our military. This is something very important to Megan which is why she has partnered with Army-Combat Veteran Colin Wayne" 

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Together, Colin Wayne and Megan Fox teamed up to use their powerful voice to spread the message and awareness of the true meaning of Memorial Day via 'Operation Memorial Giveback’

Wayne shared on the show, “Memorial Day is a day to not honor me, but to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Nine years ago that could have been me that got killed and fortunately I am here to be a voice for the voiceless. I’m here to be a voice for family members that lost loved ones. It’s important to me as an entrepreneur and as a Veteran to be hands extended and that voice to those who simply do not have a voice. Memorial Day is known for companies monetizing. What we are doing is the opposite of a ‘Memorial Day Sale’. We want to put people over profit, and we want to truly spread the message through this giveback. It’s not about me as a businessman, but all about the family members who lost their loved ones.”

This is the second annual Memorial Day Giveback, that Fox and Wayne teamed up with the previous year raising over $2.5 million.

This year, Fallen Soldier Memorial (picture) was the free giveback item and they pledged that they would at least reach $1 Million, even though we are sure they will far succeed that goal.

 Fallen Soldier Memorial Steel Product Display on Wall

 This remembrance piece is a beautiful 9in steel sign, that represents our fallen comrades in active line of service from Iraq to Afghanistan. 

Majority of companies across the US, only see "Memorial Day" as a chance to monetize aka generate sales. Our initiative at Redline Steel is completely opposite, we truly want to spread the message: People Over Profit.  

Our 2nd Annual Memorial Day Giveback is about simply honoring the families who lost their loved ones, who fought to protect our freedom.

After last years incredible response Fox stated, "What Colin went through overseas to then create his company now to be able to do this type of giveback is extraordinary. It was a no-brainer to be a part of this Memorial Day promotion and give back to those who knew and are related to ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”

 We hope to see a 3rd and 4th Annual Memorial Day Giveback, so that we can continuing honoring those who have served our countries and the families who have sacrificed. 

Kelly Clarkson completely agrees with Colin, and wraps up the show by thanking Fox and Wayne for teaming up on this really cool initiative. 

Leave a comment below and share with us your views on Memorial Day and what the true meaning is. 


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