The Ultimate Guide to turn your house into a home with wall decor Brought to You by Redline Steel®

The Ultimate Guide: Transform Your House into a Home

Discover our best tips on designing and decorating to create space that you'll love.

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Table of Contents:


What’s the difference between a house and a home?

3 Questions to ask yourself before Decorating

  1. What is the Role of Your Home?
  2. How Do You Use Your Space?
  3. How Do You Want Your Home to Make You Feel?

Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

  1. Color and Lighting
  2. Find Decor that Speaks to You
  3. Do DIY Projects

What Your Home Reveals About You 

  1. Why Your Home Should Make You Happy
  2. Decorate with Lots of Family Photos
  3. Personalized Home Gifts for Family and Friends


What is the difference between a House and a Home?

You CAN have the home you’ve always dreamed of. That’s right, the home you’ve always hoped for is within your grasp.

There truly is no place like home.

It’s the special place where you can spend time with your family or find that peaceful moment on the porch sippin’ coffee on a Sunday morning. 


It’s the place where you can recharge and prepare yourself for the great big world outside the front door.

But sometimes, our homes can feel like a cluttered mess that we want to escape from.

As we go on random shopping sprees or acquire gifts from family members that we don’t really need…

Our home starts feeling more and more like a storage unit than our calming space!


It started off as one teensy junk drawer and then slowly but surely, turned into random junk stations, and to top it all off:


Or maybe… 

You just haven’t had the opportunity to decorate the way that you’d love to. 

This can happen for a variety of reasons like it not being within the budget or simply you just don’t have the time!  

But when you look around and see a glimmer of what your home could look like that gives you hope.

In this guide, we are going to teach you how to take back your home and create the welcoming space that you have always longed for!



You’ll learn the:

  1. 3 Questions to ask yourself BEFORE decorating

  2. The 3 Main Types of Lighting 

  3. How To Decorate on a Budget

  4. Choosing Wall Art that fits You (Pro Tip: Metal Signs are IN!)

  5. How to Decorate with Family Photos

  6. The MAGIC of Personalized Wall Decor 


By the end of this guide, you will learn how to create a space filled with beautiful decor and wall art that reflects the love you have for your family home.

Ready? Let’s get to it.



3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Decorating

Before you start decorating there are 3 critical questions that you must ask yourself to truly have a home that speaks to you. 


Question 1: What is the role of your home?

We all have different perspectives on how we view our home - for some of us it is a place to congregate so that we can share wine and stories with our closest friends.

For others, you may work from home and see your house as an office.  

Or maybe you are a mother, who has children running rampant through the halls, and you need a quiet space for them to sit down and complete schoolwork and a special place for you to do crafts at home. 

Brainstorm: Come up with a list of all the roles your home has so that you can have a clearer picture of how you can decorate.


Question 2: How do you use your space?

Let’s go back to our example of a person who loves to entertain. 

Do you love throwing crazy-themed parties, or maybe just simple get-togethers with a few close friends? 

If that’s you, then that means that your home needs to have a space for hosting - like a table that easily fits 10 - 12 people! 

Or maybe, you have a family of avid readers, who love to cozy up with a good novel, especially on a rainy day. 

You may not need an eccentric bookshelf that sits 25ft high with a rolling ladder that slides from the encyclopedia section to the gothic novels section.

 But maybe, you could settle with a rustic half bookcase with a few of your favorites.












Take a moment to reflect on how you could best use your space now, and what you really value about your home, and how you could improve the layout. 


Here are a couple of follow up questions that could help:

  1. What hobbies are most important to you and your family?

  2. Is your home well-suited for those activities?

  3. If not, what changes could you implement today to make that possible?


Question 3: How do you want your home to feel? 

After going through the first two exercises, take a second to assess how you feel about your home now. 

When you have guests, do you feel proud of your home? Does your home make you feel warm, safe, and at peace? 

OR is your home disorganized and adding extra stress due to its chaos?

The key takeaway from this section is that your home should be fun and reflective of your family's core values, and memories!

So that when you, your family, or guests, walk into your home they feel whatever emotion you desire your home to elicit.

What is the first thing to do when decorating a house 

Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

You may be thinking, “Okay that’s cool and all… but how do I decorate my home on a budget?”

Before we get started, let’s bust this myth right here and right now:


It’s going to take a little creativity, but it is totally possible!

Some would argue that budget decorating is a better use of money, rather than purchasing an expensive interior designer.

So let’s start with this question: How do you decorate a large blank wall? (Besides using our awesome metal signs)

If you have a large blank wall space that needs some tender love and attention let’s go through 3 processes to help you create your stunning decor style!


3 Processes To Create A Stunning Decor Style:

  1. Properly Light Your Home

  2. Find Wall Decor that Speaks To Your Personality

  3. Get Personalized Decor


How to Properly Light Your Home

Lighting is one of the key aspects of transforming your home. 

Why you may ask? 

Because the lighting you choose for a room can either make or break your intended aesthetic.  


There are 3 Main Types of Interior Light:

  • General

  • Task

  • Accent


A general understanding of each will help you properly layer your home lighting.


General Lighting

General Lighting is the first layer when developing a lighting scheme for your space.

General Lighting or Indoor Ambient Lighting intended to light up a room in it's entirety - By Redline Steel®


Its main function is to perform a uniform luminance across the room, rather than functioning solely for aesthetic purposes. 

The most common use of ‘General Lighting’ is through a single pendant such as a ceiling room fan or a chandelier that casts across the room. 

With that being said, layering your general lighting with other types of lighting will help you create a more welcoming space.

Otherwise, alone it brings no real life to the room and can leave your walls looking gloomy and bleak. 


Task Lighting

Just as the name suggests, task lighting is used to illuminate your craft, work, cooking, or reading area. 

Task Lighting - Illuminates tasks that person is working on | By Redline Steel®

These lights, due to their inherent nature, require a stronger wattage than the other types of lighting listed. 

Task Lighting should always be used in tandem with Ambient Lighting to avoid eye strain from the sharp contrast from light to dark. 

Let's use the kitchen for example!

The kitchen is the most important place in a home for preparing meals, using Task Lighting is a great way to make food preparation easier and safer.

Other examples include mirror lighting that works well in personal grooming areas and bathrooms!

Or maybe a flexible reading light near a headboard for a relaxing bedtime reading.


Accent Lighting

You can view Accent Lighting as a close relative of Task Lighting because it is used to highlight a particular feature in the room. 

Accent Lighting - Used to Highlight Features in your room | By Redline Steel®


Its main functionality can highlight your favorite wall art item like:

  • Spotlight Sculptures

  • Trophy Cabinets

  • Photo Portraits


or other metal decorations and prevent them from getting lost inside of a busy under-lit space.

Again, like its cousin Task Lighting, Accent Lighting needs a higher wattage - by at least 3 times! 

Basic Types of Lighting and How to use Them - General, Task, and Accent


Wall Decor that Speaks To Your Personality

The clothes we wear can reveal how we may feel that day!

Throughout the week that can our outfits reveal our mood; happy, sad, or bubbly!

On the other hand, our wall decor is more of a permanent reflection of who we are and can share a lot about our personality. 

This is why it’s even more important to buy wall decor that reveals more about who you are and who you want to be.  

When people walk into your place, one of the first things they notice is how much of yourself is reflected in the decor design. 


Find Large Wall Art That Makes You Happy

Are you wondering how to decorate a large blank wall? The answer lies in your style! 

Do you remember the 3 questions that you were asked at the beginning of this guide?


Here’s a brief refresher:

  1. What is the role of your home?

  2. How do you use your space?

  3. How do you want your home to make you feel?


Reflecting on these 3 questions can help you visualize how you want your home to be styled.

A lot of our customers love using canvas wall art to enhance the overall ambiance of their homes.

There is a very unique and amazing Custom Canvas that can add to the overall beauty of your home or any particular room. 

It is one of the best home decoration products that you can buy at Redline Steel®. 


Or maybe, you are following the latest trends and metal wall decorations have caught your eye!

You can use metal wall decor to bring the essence of the family to your home by hanging an elegant Tree of Life behind the couch in the living room or the kitchen.


Want to learn more about the Advantages of Metal Wall Art?

One thing that our customers love about our metal wall decor is how unique it is, and what great gifts they make too! 

For years, we’ve seen everything else - framed pieces, text printed on wooden boards, canvas prints, and so on. 

Yet metal wall art isn’t quite as common in homes. 

So whenever you decorate and hang up your metal wall decor, it’s an attention grabber and conversation-starter when you have guests over

(and more importantly, it helps you feel right at home!)

Another benefit of using Metal Wall Art for interior design is that it pretty much works universally with any room, with little to no effort.

That’s right!

It doesn't matter what type of lighting you have, how your furniture is arranged, or what kind of supplies you are limited to, metal decor will still work perfectly in your home! 

Metal wall decor seems to blend well with most interior design preferences!

Whether you are looking for a clean and smooth look for a minimalist modern design or as a staple piece to accentuate an old-fashion country-style home - you’ll find the right fit.


Do DIY Projects

Now that we’ve laid out the basics of how you can spice up your home on a budget, we left off one super simple one that anyone can do:

DIY Projects!

There are a lot of benefits to completing a DIY project that can boost your excitement to help get you started with decorating!

  1. It’s a creative outlet that can help reduce stress and improve your mood

  2. Get the whole family involved and tackle a project together.

  3. Learn a new skill, that you didn’t know you knew! 


Starting a DIY project is a productive way to disconnect and drown out all the noise, especially if you have a whole bunch of rascals running through your halls!

It allows you to visualize, plan, and create something from scratch with your hands. 

That feeling of empowerment of creating something on your own is a reward in itself.


Decorate with Lots of Family Photos

Gathering places in your home is the perfect place to hang your favorite photos. After all, they have captured memories of your family’s best moments. 

This could be in the living room, the dining room, or even the kids' play area where you hear the sounds of laughter and love.

 Your family portraits should be on display for the enjoyment of your loved ones and guests. 

 Below you’ll discover a few functional ways to hang your family photos.


The Big One

Who doesn’t love big ol’ photos that capture special moments hung over your bed or couch?

If you have a large blank wall this is a perfect way to fill the space.


Collage of Little Moments

Collages can be designed more freely, and do not require much coordination.



You could even pull in some of our accent pieces like the ampersand sign, the family sign, and decorate around it with trinkets and photos of your family.


Gallery Wall of Family and Friends

The last option (even though there are tons more out there) is to create a gallery wall of all your friends and family.


Maybe you have old photos of when you first got married, or pictures of your little ones when they were firstborn.

This is a perfect way to bring a sense of home to your room, kitchen, or whatever space you are looking to decorate!


Personalized Home Decor for Family and Friends

Personalizing your family decor makes them even better!

Customized family wall art and family trees or family name signs are presents for the entire family, they’ll be accepted with loving arms. 

Redline Steel can help with all types of excellent customized presents for mom, dad, grandparents, and cousins, or family friends!

When you gift someone with or decorate with personalized wall art, it allows them to connect to it too! 

In other words, personalized gifts resonate with people’s emotions and show how much you mean to them!

(Need a gift-giving guide? Check out this article on Gift Giving for Women)

Another benefit of using personalized wall art is that they last for a lifetime!

If you want your house to feel like a forever home for your family, then personalized decor is the way to go.

 Here are a few of our customers top picks:


Split monogram can add to the beauty of your home. Redline Steel ® offers different color & size options. Choose the initial letter while placing the order!


Conclusion: How to Transform Your House into a Home

As you decorate your home, it’s important to constantly come back to the principles we’ve discussed in this article. 

Remember, this is just the beginning of your home decorating journey.

A home that reflects your family's interests, core values, and hobbies is an ever-evolving process that requires you to grow and learn as a home decorator.

Make sure you have everything you need to create inclusive content going forward by re-reading this article and implementing each tip into your interior style plan. 

Save and bookmark the customer's favorite wall art items we highlighted and
share this with someone else who is looking to transform their home.

Then get to decorating! Because the only way of getting better at decorating

and having a place that screams you is to get started. 

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