Say Hello to Popup Stands: Perfect for Shelf Decor, Cubicle Decor, and MORE!

Say Hello to Popup Stands: Perfect for Shelf Decor, Cubicle Decor, and MORE!

Introducing our ALL-NEW Steel Popup Stands | Handmade right here in the USA

Over the past few weeks we have spent hours and hours thinking of new product lines that we could create to further help your decorating style. Then we thought, what if we took all of your favorite products and made them into miniature standable items. 

After several failed attempts and TONS of scrap metal, we finally did it!

Redline Steel® is excited to bring to you our all new steel line: The Popup Stand Collection. 


Our Popup stands are easy to use, lightweight, and more stylish than ever before.

Each stand is handmade right here in the USA, with premium luxury materials.

When it comes to eye-catching decor, Redline Steel® has got you covered with our most innovative design yet!

PERFECT for Shelf Decor, Cubicle Decor, or Gifts

All of our products are versatile, but for the first time ever we are releasing something that is perfect for your shelf or desk.

If right now you are looking for more desk accessories to add to your office decor, look no further!

The popup stand collection is based on our customer’s favorite products like God is Good, Infinity SignFaith Cross, and our Americana inspired line of steel flags.

The popup stands add a touch of personality to any room, and pair perfectly with your favorite photos, awards, or other decor items. Now, you can create stunning displays anywhere!


CEO Pick: Distressed Allegiance Popup Stand - Inscribed with the Pledge of Allegiance.

We asked our founder and CEO, Colin Wayne, what his favorite design was for the new collection, and he answered without a doubt, “The Distressed Allegiance Flag - Popup stand.”


Here’s why:


Based on the customer favorite Distressed Battle Flag, which has been a staple product for Redline Steel® since the inception of the company, the Distressed Allegiance Flag features the same precision cut marks. However, this design includes the Pledges of Allegiance inscribed on its face as a reminder to never take America’s freedom for granted.


Tattered and torn, but always battle ready, this flag is a symbolic representation of our company and makes a statement that says: We’ve been through the worst, but we will prevail. Just like our small business. 


Give this as a gift to someone who loves our country, so they can use it as a desk accessory and keep a reminder of the pledge at all times. Which is a symbolic reminder to always be thankful to the United States of America, and never take our freedom for granted! Whenever anybody stops by at their desk, they will have an idea of the kind of person they are talking to.

Let us know by leaving a comment - "What's Your Favorite Flag in our New Popup Stand Collection?"


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